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Studio eighty is a creative agency that prides itself on thoughtful design.


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About US

Studio Eighty is a creative agency based in Russell, New Zealand. We began back in 2010 in the UK – with the aim of elevating businesses through strong conceptual thinking and carefully crafted design. 

Just right

We’re a small, but knowledgeable team. With years of industry experience gained in the UK and New Zealand, we make the most of our size. Small enough to treat you as our most important client; large enough to still approach each project with big-agency thinking.

Working with you

Together with our network of trusted suppliers, we have the skills and passion to tackle all projects with integrity and ambition. Our approach is on continuous, open client relationships. From start to finish, we treat all briefs with one goal in mind, to create original and thoughtful designs that exceed expectations and deliver results.



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Studio Eighty are a delight to deal with, they respond promptly, are very efficient and are extremely professional. Their quality work and original ideas produce great results for your business marketing needs.


Alex is a creative professional who is a dream to work with! Not only is a top guy, he just gets what looks good and brand fit. He completes every project to the highest standard and in a great turnaround time. I really appreciate having such a great resource to call on!



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